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Google newly introduced the Android Associate certification and this course is a preparatory course for the certification. Android is fast becoming the best career option for software engineers with its enormous growth in the last few years.
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Web Design and Developmment
Internet technologies are evergreen since their inception. The most important skill of this suite is HTML5 and this course prepares you for the certification of Microsoft.
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Our iOS training is the most successful program with several students taking app developer careers in iOS technologies. Swift programming language, iOS SDK fundamentals and advanced topics such as Maps, Core Data, Threads are part of this course. With the growing number of Apple devices in the market, Swift programmers are more in demand.
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Digital Marketing
The rise of digital devices made digital marketing the most important tool for any organisation, as part of their marketing strategy. This course introduces the fundamentals of skills like SEO, SMO,SMM,PPC etc and prepares you for Google’s certification on AdWords etc.
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Microsoft Excel
Excel is the most widely used tool in the enterprises of all sizes and domains. This course teaches you the right skills to be an Excel expert and also prepares you for the certification exam of Microsoft.
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Apple Keynote/Pages/Numbers
If you are using a Desktop or Laptop of Apple, then you can make your documents in Pages, spreadsheets in Numbers and presentations in Keynote. They are combined as iWork suite of applications. These packages are similar to Word, Excel and Powerpoint and offer great features to its users. Apple also has certification exams on all the three packages.
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Cisco certified Network Associate (CCNA) is a widely recognised qualification for network engineers and administrators. This course prepares you for the examination of Cisco for the CCNA certification.
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Java is the most powerful object oriented programming language and highly recommended as a skill for any software programmer. This teaches Java language thoroughly and prepares for OCAJP 8 certification examination from Oracle.
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Our Model


Each topic is demonstrated by the trainer by projecting his machine on the screen and coding/compiling during the class. This ensures students get the complete understanding of what needs to be done in order to implement a particular feature/topic. Students are encouraged to participate with questions and comments for their better exposure to the subject.

Hands on

Students will be practising what they have been taught and experienced in the Demo session and lab help will be offered by the trainers to solve complex problems. This ensures students learn the subject by doing the coding etc.


After all the topics are covered, students will made part of the development projects and R & D based projects to learn more while working with the software engineers. This also equips them with work-experience in a live environment.

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